About Us

MaeSens is a new social fundraising platform which was launched in Minsk (Belarus) on the 5th October, 2011. Our main purpose is to raise money for charities in a fun and rewarding way.

MaeSens is a place where you can donate your time by auctioning off a meeting with yourself or bid to win a meeting with a celebrity, a professional or just the person you find interesting.

But the most amazing thing about it is that raised money goes to charity. And you can choose what kind of charitable cause you want to support.

Non-profits can raise funds without asking for monetary contributions.

MaeSens is a completely new channel for non-profits to fundraise and is great fun for members who get to make new friends and business contacts while sharing awesome experiences and feeling good about themselves.

In a nutshell, MaeSens is like an eBay, Facebook and LinkedIn combined with a charity twist!

Registration is easy and only takes a few seconds. Answer a few simple questions, add a photo and you are ready to go! To create an auction simply click “Create an auction” and in a week the highest bidder will win a meeting with you. Proceeds from your auction will be donated to the charity of your choice. It’s simple and fun, and all for a great cause.

Today MaeSens is over 85,000+ active users. It donated $500,000 for charitable purposes in Belarus.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence