About Us

Wimix LLC is a mobile software development company ISO 9001 standard certified.

We are an IT outsourcing services provider. Our main direction is Google Android technologies, which include not only application development for tablets or smartphones but also Android based products for various industries including health care, media, entertainment and business.

Our development office is located in Minsk, Belarus (GMT+2), a country with geographical/cultural proximity to EU-countries and mature high-tech industry. Such conditions combined with the reasonable cost and a flexible pricing model facilitate effective communication and project management, minimize outsourcing risks and make our services affordable for different sized organizations.

We offer:

• Mobile applications development (Android/iOS/Backend)
• Web-applications

“Wimix has worked for us for nearly 2 years and while working with outsourced development can be a challenge Wimix has worked the hardest we have ever seen to make outsourcing work. They care a lot about providing the best possible service and are always receptive to ways of improvement. They have hired and adapted to our needs. I strongly recommend working with Wimix.”

George A. Popescu
Chief Executive Officer
Boston Technologies, Inc
+1 617 418 3928